The Team

Aaron Jones – Founder & CEO of Fikay Fashion

A self-professed fashion fanatic, cloth lover, non-stop doer, creative idealist, boundary pusher, entrepreneurial front seat driver, networking machine and at the core of it all someone who simply has a passion to make a positive social change through business on an international scale.

In 2014 MTV named Aaron as the “UK 20-30’s something youth voice of change” for founding and leading an award winning social enterprise, Fikay Fashion. While at university Aaron founded Fikay Fashion with only a £600 student overdraft.

His Eureka moment happened while travelling across south east Asia where Aaron started volunteering at a Cambodian school and was shocked by the lack of basic education and sanitation; he knew he had to do something to help. To date Fikay has helped build a school that’s helping over 200 children a year escape the grips of generational poverty.

Fikay Fashion has also won a plethora of awards such as The Great British Entrepreneurship Awards, Silver International Social Enterprise of the year, Intuit 100up, E&Y Future 50, The guardian Small Business Awards and more.

Fikay has also been selected to take part in the several accelerator programs such as Mass Challenge and Collective Accelerate. Aaron’s other notable achievements include, GBEA ‘Silver Fashion Entrepreneur of the year’, ‘Young Entrepreneur Of The Year’ (2014) and a ‘Shell Livewire Award’ (2013). Aaron is a mentor to several poverty.

With a FTSE 100 executive advisory board and top team only the sky seams the limit.

Karlo Baker – Co-Founder of Fikay Fashion, Sales & Marketing

I left my home in a small, secluded village called Kienberg in south Germany when I was 17, ready to break the cycle and explore the world. New Zealand here I come!

This led to travelling and working in both public and private sectors, predominantly within fashion & fitness, across various countries, and living in Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada and the USA.

Combining my passion for people and travel whilst known to be a creative idealist, practicalist, boundary pusher and fashion fanatic led me to work with various fashion brands across the globe and allowed me to understand the world of fashion better and its flaws so often hidden away.

Nevertheless my entrepreneurial ambition and eagerness to understand the world around me led me to move to the UK to study my BSc at the University of Surrey and inspired me to start my first business while helping other start ups.

This is exactly what motivated me to join Fikay and help it grow. I saw the brand as a driver for social good, an entrepreneurial front seat driver, one that pushes boundaries and fashion ideals. My vision is to see others being treated fairly, with respect and dignity. Not just mere words or an observation, no. Something so tangible that has the power to change the world and make it a better place. A lifestyle, a conscious – Fikay. Standing up for those who can’t.

Amalia Zeffiro – Video Editor

Hello everyone! I am Amalia, an up-and-coming video editor from the sunny south of Italy. I discovered the power of moving images thanks to my father. My home is full of VHS cassettes from my first years and when I was a child my brother and I used to make short stories with the camera he still has. I also love travelling and singing, and dreams are one of the things that intrigue me most.

I first came to London for my thesis and decided to move back here last November for creative work opportunities. That’s how I joined Fikay Fashion! I strongly believe in Fikay’s potential to become something bigger. I appreciate the way we help people in underdeveloped countries like Cambodia. People can create amazing and unique products and this gives them the possibility to enrich their life by being collaborative. Helping parents to have a proper job is the best way to help children too. I hope to continue developing my career with Fikay and maybe, one day, bring Fikay’s ethos and products in Italy.




Liam Redmond – Intern

Hi, I’m Liam and I’m currently an undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh studying business management. I’ve always been interested in the way a business can be successful both in terms of profitability and social awareness. By interning at Fikay I am able to witness this ethical mix of ideas first-hand and get a real taste of what’s involved in running a social enterprise.

Caitlin Labrom – Intern

Hello, my name is Caitlin and I study languages at Durham University. My passion is travel and it has taken me all around the world. I enjoy meeting interesting people from international backgrounds and learning about new cultures and experiences. During my time in Cambodia I met people like Mr Thy and the other manufacturers that Fikay work with, and it is these individuals who inspire me; those who live in disadvantaged circumstances but refuse to give up hope. For this reason, I was thrilled to learn that Fikay had an internship opportunity available and am excited to be part of a stylish ethical brand with links to such heroic figures.

Board And Advisors
Trevor Dighton

Trevor Dighton’s knowledge of strategy financial planning is fundamental to the success of Fikay. He has experience in the fields of finance, consultancy, and operations and strategy, and has previously served as the Executive Director and Member of Risk Committee at G4S Plc. and as the Director and Deputy Group Finance Director of Securicor Plc. He is currently the Director of Hasmira Ltd. He has spent time in Papua New Guinea and Zambia, and is now dedicated to helping Fikay make positive change across the globe.

Marina Cappello

Marina Cappello’s impressive experience in the world of PR, Sales and Partnership has made her an invaluable member of the Fikay board and advisers. She has previously organised high-profile cultural events such as the exhibition of “La mostra di Leonardo da Vinci” in Florence and was a key member of the Olympics committee. She also has a keen knowledge of many different cultures and is fluent in English, Italian and French.

Rosalind Milani Gallieni

Rosalind Milani Gallieni trained under the savoir-faire of Signor Giorgio Armani, Anouska Hempel, and Asprey Bond, and has helped Fikay enormously with her expertise in the field of Luxury Retail and Marketing. She now heads up RMG & CO Luxury PR & Events which specialises in the luxury goods sector and works across fashion, travel, food and lifestyle, and is also committed to supporting new emerging brands like Fikay alongside their established client base.


We are incredibly grateful to all the companies who continue to help and support us in our mission to bring stylish and innovative fashion back to its roots and motivate positive change.

Their expertise, passion and charity has enabled us to achieve the success we see today and we are excited to discover the future of Fikay Fashion alongside all the organisations we are fortunate to call our partners.

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