Our Story

While we were in Vietnam a little boy from a local village jumped into a pool and shouted ‘FIKAY’.
He was so happy, against all odds, that we took his word to mean ‘hope’ and immediately adopted it as our business name.

Fikay is a multi award winning lifestyle fashion brand. We not only seek to produce unique, stylish and meaningful fashion accessories but we also invest in the people and places behind the products. Our unique model empowers individuals all over the world.

By rethinking traditional supply chains we have and continue to transform lives. We equip widows and disabled adults in developing countries with a roadmap out of poverty by providing them with sewing machines, micro loans and training. These members of the community go on to become local heroes and sources of inspiration.

We believe that parents should earn and children should learn, therefore for each and every purchase we donate educational resources to schools where they are needed most.

Fikay is about your adventure, a brand for successful living without screwing everyone over.

Aaron Jones - Founder Of Fikay

Our collections are sustainable and upcycled where possible. We exist not to make a profit but to invest in the places where our products are made.

We also support communities closer to home. Throughout the UK we create training and job opportunities for adults with severe learning difficulties through knowledge and skills transfer, entrepreneurial fashion training and paid work experience.

Young people should not feel hopeless no matter where they are in the world. We want to challenge undiscovered, creative and unpaid individuals and bring their ideas to life by sharing our database of contacts and know how.

Fikay is as much about your adventure as wider social change. Will you join the revolution?

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Fikay is closed :'( you can still buy from our partners though. Visit www.fikay.co.uk/retailers to find out where. Dismiss