Meet the Models from our Brixton Photoshoot: Amy Crichton-Peterson

Amy Esther Lauren Crichton-Peterson

Hertfordshire and London, UK

Q: One fun fact about yourself – any hidden talent we don’t know of?
A: I used to play the viola, but that is literally a hidden talent, in that I’ve almost completely forgotten how to play! But I still enjoy music, and sing in choirs when I have the time.
Q: Why did you choose to go into the modelling industry?
A: I was scouted aged 14 (sat atop a luggage trolley being pushed through the airport by a friend!), but it didn’t feel like the right time to pursue it. When I was spotted again at 19, it seemed like a great opportunity. I love fashion, particularly the theatrical and story-telling side of clothes and shoots. So the creativity of the industry appeals to me – beautiful fabrics, colours and patterns. It’s like getting paid to play dressing-up (which I always loved as a child)!
Q: What are your goals as a model? Are you in this for the long-term or do you dream about something completely different?
A:. I don’t set my heart on any particular jobs – it’s such an unpredictable industry and I try to avoid being burdened by too much pressure. But I would really love to get agency representation in a few more countries.
I have a longstanding passion for social justice. I finished my Masters degree in Gender Studies and Global Development a couple of years ago, and use my free time inbetween modelling to volunteer with various charities. So long term, I’d like to forge a career in that field.
Q: What is the best and the worst thing about working as a model?
A: Aside from getting to wear beautiful clothes, I relish the opportunity to meet new people so often – you can learn something from every conversation, and I love connecting with, and getting alongside others. Traveling overseas for work is also a great aspect of modelling.
I don’t enjoy the boring parts – travelling from casting to casting on the underground (although it’s a great chance to explore and become familiar with London), and then waiting around queuing for castings. But the most profoundly troubling thing is the affect modelling can have on your own self-image. There is incredible pressure to remain a certain size, which can adversely affect physical and mental health. It’s easy to become introspective, and preoccupied with focussing on what you look like, and what you are wearing.
Q: What is the coolest place you’ve ever travelled to and why?
A: Paris is a city that has long captured my imagination so getting to walk in some shows there during a fashion week was a definite highlight. I’ve also loved working for diamond jewellery designer DeGrisogono in Cannes – the catwalk stretches from a chateau down to the sea – this year it was just magical to be accompanied by live opera singing – and the French riviera is stunningly beautiful.
Q: What motivates you to get up in the morning?
A: I am not a morning person! But I am learning to practice the art of gratitude, which helps me to think positively about the day that lies ahead, and all its possibilities. I love to be busy and active so look forward to being out and about exploring London and seeing friends. I try to do something that feels purposeful every day.
Q: Why did you choose to work with Fikay?
A: Fikay’s range is so fun – I love the animal motifs! But beyond that, I have been excited by the brand’s foundational ethos since the first time I heard about it. Ethical fashion is the intersection of my modelling and charity work. It’s so important to support designers who are producing ethical and sustainable goods. Employing vulnerable people, and supporting children’s education, is key to empowering them to shape their futures. Recycling materials is so vital in protecting the habitats that sustain human life.
Q: Which brand would you love Fikay to collaborate with in the future?
A: As I mentioned earlier I love pattern and colour, so I’d love to see FIKAY incorporate some traditional fabrics into their designs. I like the grassroots feel to the brand, so I think collaborating with local artistic influences would be most fitting.

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