Province: Kom Pong Thom
Age: 25
Family: Married with 3 children. Her Daughter has a mental health issues.

Sothea has been training and working with our production partner, Khmer Life for nearly three years. Sothea is a shy but strong character, aged only 25 she is married with three children. One of her daughters was diagnosed with mental health issues at 1 years old. Now she is 3 years old and the lack of healthcare and suitable childcare in Cambodia means Sothea was a 24 hour carer until Khmer Life offered help.

Her daughter is now receiving care while mum and dad are at work. Her husband works as a carpenter. He makes beds and cabinets from the rattan and sells them to other provinces. Sothea says “I take pride in my work because it gives me hope”. Fikay’s project is vital to generate income for her family.

Fikay is closed :'( you can still buy from our partners though. Visit to find out where. Dismiss