About Us

Fikay is a multi-award winning ethical fashion brand with a mission to celebrate the people behind the products.

We craft contemporary designs and quality merchandise for adventurous individuals in a way which promotes sustainable enterprise across the world.

Our fashion range is for the millennials on a mission and we want you to feel secure in the knowledge that when you purchase a Fikay product, whether from our Health & Wellbeing, University or Travel & Adventure lines, you are making a difference.

Our Ethos

We design, create and inspire so that one day we might see every child learning and every parent earning.

Aaron Jones - Founder Of Fikay

Inspired by an eye-opening adventure to Cambodia, Aaron Jones, founder and CEO of Fikay, created the company with the firm philosophy that parents should earn and children should learn. Therefore, Fikay empowers parents in third world countries by providing them with the fashion manufacturing technology to support their families and we donate part of every sale to our charity Fikay Foundation which promotes education and schools abroad.

We also endorse young fashion entrepreneurs closer to home and help UK designers create and market pieces of stylish and ethical innovation using our knowledge of sampling and database of suppliers.

To find out more about the people behind your product, take a look at our Meet the Maker page.

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Fikay is closed :'( you can still buy from our partners though. Visit www.fikay.co.uk/retailers to find out where. Dismiss